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How to Make Money as a 30 Yards in 30 Days Affiliate

Thanks to the Internet, there are many, many ways to promote 30 Yards in 30 Days and earn money as a 30 Yards in 30 Days affiliate. Here are some of the best ways to promote 30 Yards in 30 Days as an affiliate…

But don’t forget, one of the easiest ways to start promoting 30 Yards in 30 Days as an affiliate is to simply replace regular links (i.e. anywhere you have listed your site) with your special affiliate link that contains your nickname. (If you don’t have an affiliate link, read the instructions in the How to Start column to get going). Make sure that every time you have listed on your site that the link is actually your affiliate link – including your links page.

1) Use my 30 Yards in 30 Days articles to pre-sell the readers of your website, e-zine, or blog. You can use as many of the Free 30 Yards in 30 Days articles and newsletters as you want to pre-sell your audience. Not only can you include the articles in your newsletters, but you are also free to post the content on your website and in your blog. We’ll be adding hundreds of articles and newsletter columns on the benefits of 30 Yards in 30 Days as well as instructional golf fitness tips to help educate your readers on better ways to add distance.

You can use all of this content for free, and be sure to include your affiliate link at the end of the article and throughout the content. Please sign-up for our affiliate news and you’ll be alerted when new articles and newsletters are added to the affiliate section for your use.

One of the most important places to include your affiliate link is at the end of the article in the byline or resource box. Each article should include this, so that the reader knows who wrote the article (plus it allows you to add a little sales pitch).

Resource Box:
Christian Henning is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and designs custom workouts designed for golf improvement and writes blog articles on his popular blog. His trademarked 30 Yards in 30 Days golf distance workouts have been favored by personal trainers and their clients and all over the Internet, and have helped thousands of men and women around add distance, improve putting, and reduce injury in less than 45 minutes three times per week. For information on the 30 Yards in 30 Days workouts that will help you add distance without long, boring workout sessions or fancy equipment, visit (use your affiliate link here)

2) Use banner ads and book cover graphics.
Put the 30 Yards in 30 Days banners, book covers and other graphics on your website. A picture of an e-book cover can significantly increase sales and click through rates. There are plenty of covers and banners in the affiliate section, and you can even design your own. Thanks to our graphic designer, 30 Yards in 30 Days has some of the hottest covers in the fitness e-book industry. And when you use the graphics, make sure that your affiliate code is correctly included in the graphic’s HTML code – that way you’ll be sure to get credited for the sale. Your click through and conversion rates should jump when you use the graphics, and especially when you combine the graphics with a pre-sell article or review.

3) Write a book review
After you’ve read the e-book, write your own “book review” (in your own words) explaining what you liked about the book and why everyone should get a copy. A sincere review is most effective.

4) Write about your own Success Story and endorse the book.
Success stories are an incredibly powerful tool to motivate your readers to purchase the same program that worked for you. Put together a testimonial or success story, including the details about your progress (distance added, etc.) and photos, if possible. You can put this in your blog, on your own website, or in your newsletter (it’s best to do all three!). Again, a sincere endorsement and a lot of details in your success story will help you make the most sales.

5) Send a solo promotional email to your email list.The best way to capture your list’s attention is to dedicate an entire email to promoting 30 Yards in 30 Days. However, you can only do this if you have an opt-in email list. Send a solo email containing what you think is the best 30 Yards in 30 Days article (or your review – this would work incredibly well) and include the Resource Box (above) at the end of the article. Insert your affiliate link throughout the article where appropriate.

And one thing to remember; when it comes to Internet Marketing, your list is the key to your success. Build your newsletter list by placing an opt-in form on your website. So even if you don’t have a product of your own, you can still make money with your own website and email newsletter list.

6) Blog – Write about 30 Yards in 30 Days in your blog. Include your clickbank hoplink in the promotional link and in your links section. You can also use the 30 Yards in 30 Days affiliate articles, newsletters, and Q’n’A columns in your blog.

7) Put 30 Yards in 30 Days Ads in your e-zine. You can use the text in the Resource Box to introduce your readers to 30 Yards in 30 Days, or you can include the e-book covers and banner ads, or you might list as a sponsor. You can also write your own ads or use any of the ads in the 30 Yards in 30 Days affiliate section. You can place the ads at any place in your newsletter.

Don’t forget, you don’t need to have a product of your own to make money on the Internet. Just use our affiliate tools and content and you can start earning money as a 30 Yards in 30 Days affiliate today!

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