30 Yards More in 4 Weeks…

A true story of a former golf pro who quit the game, gained

over 40 pounds of pure fat… only to return to golf to hit the

ball further than ever …




From: Christian Henning, NASM-CPT, gfs

Location: The grill at the Greens Country Club


About: me, who quit the game of golf, gained over 40 pounds of pure fat … only to return to golf to hit the ball further than ever…


 … in the best shape of my life.







Sure. It’s actually not that hard to do.


And I can prove it you … because if I can help countless other golfers do the same thing (some had never worked out a day in their life) in 30 days:



… then I’m pretty damn sure I can show YOU how to generate 30 YARDS MORE PER DRIVE, within (around) 30 days from now.


But first, let me tell you about the situation I was in – You might find yourself in a similar place now…


Today at 42 years young, I hit the ball 40 yards further than when I was 21 years old.


I’ll tell you WHY a little later in this letter you’ll also discover exactly how I am able to hit the ball 15% further at 42 than when I was 21…


But it hasn’t always been this way…


In 2006, I was in really bad shape. I worked a desk job, ate poorly, wasn’t flexible and more often than not was outdriven by my playing partners.


My golf game was in the John J. Crapper. Along with my golf score, my weight had ballooned by 40 pounds, too.


I was watching golf on TV more than playing golf.





Lost Strength AND shorter drives?  check.


Exhausted on the 11th tee?  check.


Low back pain AND no putting practice? check.


Embarrassment? check.


Losing hundreds of dollars in the weekly skins game…check.


More strokes… CHECK!


I was absolutely clueless! I might as well have come from MARS




I knew I was in poor shape (look at my picture!). I knew I needed to do something about it – but I had no idea what to do …






Fast-forward 5 years …







I lost 40 pounds.


I attended tons of fitness conferences. Consumed books to gain more knowledge. Completed three fitness certifications.


Read hundreds of scientific research papers (all golf and sport specific).


Performed hundreds of hours of workout design and testing.


I even put together a test group on a popular golf forum and listened to my guinea pigs … eye opening.


The result? RESULTS!


Even though not everyone gained 30 yards … everybody gained yards from day one.


People were hitting the ball longer and feeling better. I could feel the excitement from everyone as they buzzed about their progress.


It was as though they had just won the lottery.


Personally – my results were solid.


1. I could hit the ball further… at least 15 to 20 yards further than my playing buddies.. every drive.


2. Low back-pain, once my putting nemesis, GONE. I could now putt for hours with no back trouble.


3. My endurance skyrocketed, and I could easily play 36 holes a day without being tired… slow play was no longer a problem as I was just as strong at the end of the round as when I started.


4. My fitness carried over to the mirror.. and I liked what I saw.


did I mention I could out-drive all my buddies too? J


And I won all the skins games and golf bets too…my buddies were all jealous of how good I had gotten…


Not bad, right?          


Because let’s be honest – my test group weren’t experts. They trained in their own homes or at their local gym.


So it would have been totally normal – and understandable – if they just added a few yards and built up their endurance, right?


You know … spend 30-minutes every other day and get normal results.


Well – the results were much more impressive than normal:







Not bad at all.


But enough about Kevin, Dave, and Chris.


I’ve only mentioned them as a reference point. To demonstrate that it’s totally possible to hit the ball FURTHER THAN YOU EVER have even if you’ve never exercised before.


If Kevin, Dave and Chris can do it in such a short time – then surely it’s possible for you to do something similar.


But, for now … forget about 30 yards in as many days’ goals. I’m going to show you how to add 10 yards WITHIN 14-DAYS FROM NOW.


… if you follow what I say.


I figure you can do that – then working up to 30 yards … or more … and even 40 yards like I was able to achieve – is just a matter of rinsing and repeating.


Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to hit the ball further. 99.9% of distance seekers get eaten alive and fail!


But I approach adding distance completely different from everyone else. Like 180 degrees opposite.


I’ll explain to you how to I use the “4 Pillars” to give you the advantage to succeed. But it’s not something I want to reveal here, on a public site.


So add yourself to my private email list below. I’ll send you the info via email in small doses.





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