Finally, a Proven And Tested Back and Abs Workout That Will Prevent And Relieve Back Pain While IMPROVING Your Golf Stamina and Drives – GUARANTEED
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“I used to suffer from back pain from my desk job where I set for 8 to 10 hours per day. After using Chris’s Back and Abs for Golfers my back pain subsided in less than two weeks and I continue to use this program along with my existing workouts to keep pain away.”

Jason C., Back and Abs for Golfers Client

This Powerful Back Pain Relief Method is Consistently Used by the Best Physical Therapists in the World, but is it Right For You?

My Back and Abs for Golfers is not a “quick fix”. Done consistently though, potential debilitating back pain and back injuries can be reduced and even eliminated. So before you even consider learning more, please be assured this program will ONLY benefit those that are:

  • Willing to perform the Back and Abs workout once per week on a consistent basis
  • Are tired of daily back pain and wish to banish it forever
  • Have the motivation to prevent future back pain by performing a weekly “oil change” to keep their back primed
  • Want to enjoy the game of golf as it was meant to be played – PAIN FREE

Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Take the bull by the horns and eliminate pain for good.

This Back and Abs workout was designed to make golf PAIN FREE and IMPROVE your stamina and driving distance on the course, and even improves your core for maximum distance gains. Simply plug this workout in to the existing 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less workouts.

4 Pillars of Back Strength and Health

Piller 1 – Mobility

Feel immediate relief and improve your range of motion. My painstakingly researched and designed back mobility sequence is the “secret sauce” you need to jump start back pain relief and prevention.

Pillar 2 – Strength

The base “ingredient” to eliminating back pain is to strengthen targeted weak spots. We solve the problem from the ground up.

Pillar 3 – Power

Improperly generating power for your golf swing can cause back pain. My power exercises teach you the proper sequence and how to create more clubhead speed with less effort.

Pillar 4 – Stamina

We’ve all experienced a tight back late in to a round that effects scoring. My stamina exercises allow you to stay “fresh” on the course during long rounds or slow play.

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