Subject: Oops, I screwed up (open up)

Hey %$firstname$%, I screwed up on setting up my online shopping cart the right way and so your order did not go through.

Sorry about that.

I noticed that you went to purchase 30 Yards in 30 Days yesterday (the most awesome distance adding system available for golfers) and your order did not process because of a screw up on my part.

So, since I screwed up, I want to give you the entire 30 Yards in 30 Days program for $1 for a full 30 days for you to try out…

Here’s the secret site where you can get 30 Yards in 30 Days9 for $1 for 30 days to test drive.

Have an awesome day,

Christian Henning

P.S. I’m taking this secret half off site down soon so make sure to get this awesome distance adding system now.