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Dear Fellow Golfer,

Still shooting in the 80’s, 90’s, or even 100’s? Putting for bogey instead of birdie? If so… chances are you are hitting long irons to greens while your buddies are hitting it past you…. leaving themselves short irons for their approach shots.

It can be frustrating.

How would it feel if you could smash the ball past your golf buddies? Pretty good I would think.

While some coaches will say distance means nothing without accuracy… a lack of accuracy and a lack of distance is a death sentence. If you hit the ball short and aren’t accurate, you are GUARANTEED a lousy score.

The truth is that if you can hit short irons to par 4’s and par 5’s, you will shave strokes off your score. Research proves that golfers hit their short irons more accurately than their long irons. Short irons are just plain easier to hit than long irons.

The good news is I’ve discovered exactly how to increase your yardage and thus reducing your score.. guaranteed (I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse below).

There Are 2 Reasons You’re NOT Adding Distance

Reason #1 – You’re not addressing your flexibility.

Most golf exercise programs only look at strength training.

“Workout more and you’ll be crushing your driver further than ever!”

Rolls eyes. 

If only it were that simple.

The truth is, if your golf workout program is not strategically addressing your flexibility with specific strategies the amount of distance you add will be FAR from optimized and you pretty much have zero chance of actively adding distance.

Let me say that again: if your golf workout program is not strategically addressing your flexibility with specific strategies the amount of distance you add will be FAR from optimized and you pretty much have ZERO chance of actively adding distance.

Why? Because your flexibility controls everything when it comes to distance.

Simply put, when you make it a point to take care of your flexibility, your flexibility takes care of you…distance for yards on end. Neglect flexibility, on the other hand, and you can pretty much forget about adding yardage to your drives.

Worse.. as we age we tend to lose flexibility unless we do something about it on a regular basis.

Reason #2 – You’re not performing exercise that TRULY boosts your driving power.

Did you know that certain types of exercise are better for dramatically adding distance? And by dramatically I mean potentially  up to 30 yards additional.

That said, the type of exercise that yields this kind of benefit is NOT the type of exercise you commonly see being performed in gyms all around the world.

You see, if you’re doing traditional bodybuilder weight training, you are leaving each session with virtually no positive effect on your golf game.

Sure, you’ll burn a few calories during the session, but it won’t be adding yardage to your golf game.

Your trainer might have good intentions, but when it comes to translating your muscles into a unified driving machine, you will fall short.

Not. Worth. It.

And above all that, traditional exercise provides virtually NO prolonged balance and stability for your swing (think better putting).

You see, if you truly want the time you spend exercising to have a lasting effect on your driving distance (and your putting), there’s only one particular style of exercise that has been scientifically proven to do it – and that’s the exact style of exercise I’m prescribing to you in the 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less System.

Do you realize how much faster you’d progress? How much more quickly could you add yards? How much more rapidly you’d have the drives your friends envy?

That’s right, a LOT faster.

So who the hell am I?

I’m you. I may be a little older or younger, but I’ve been where you are. Let me explain…

Most of my life I have been physically active and taken reasonable care of myself – however – I did go through a five year span in a corporate environment where I literally ‘let myself go’. Soon after my mom passed away I quit my job as an assistant pro at a golf course..  to get a real job.

I had a child on the way and could no longer get by “having fun” on the golf course. My new co-workers quickly infected me with their bad habits as I tried to fit in to the corporate culture. My weight ballooned up to 245 pounds. Prior to the corporate job, my weight fluctuated between 195 and 205 pounds.

Gone were the days of golfing from morning to night and being physically active.

My new destiny appeared to be a wobbly chair under fluorescent lighting. I was miserable not only physically, but mentally. I hated my appearance and newly found lack of athleticism.

Kept away from the game I loved so much and trapped in an office…

Days and weeks went by without touching a golf club. My ‘touch’ soon followed and I became scared to even play a round of golf. If I did play, I knew the result would be depressing. Invited to play golf with friends, I would always decline. Embarrassed of how I looked and how far I had fallen athletically.

Going from a scratch golfer to someone who couldn’t break 90 was a tough pill to swallow.

Even more difficult was the image I would see in the mirror. My muscular body shrouded with pounds of unwanted fat. Muscles that had lost their tone and disappeared. A few years after working in misery, I decided to play golf with some of my co-workers and realized my distance and my game were totally gone. I used to CRUSH the ball and out-drive just about anyone.

No longer.

I went back home.. embarrassed and ashamed. How could I let myself go this far? I had gained 45 pounds of pure lard! I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath.

My eating habits were relegated to drive-through windows and fast food establishments. My job was unfulfilling.


It can happen to anyone…. and anyone can change their situation.

One day, I decided enough was enough. I was first going to get back my health, and second, get back my golf game.  Let me tell you, it was tough. Mentally it was as hard as anything I have ever done.

What I learned was that I could do both at the SAME time.

It took five years of dedicated effort to reverse the five years of ‘lardiness’ (my word for laziness and adding poundage).

Five years to build my lardiness (Yes, I invented this word), five years to take it off.

Losing that fat and regaining my game were both worth the long struggle. You see… you can LEARN from me. I’ve outlined everything you need to know for a quick transformation.

Maybe my weight loss was a bit slow and didn’t melt off like it does on TV shows.. but I gained experience and knowledge that WILL help transform you quickly. Once my health was back, my golf game was in check. My joy for the game increased.

My distance was back, albeit with a new twist – I could hit it even further!

I’ve won long drive contests in tournaments and received many comments from clients who have won long drive contests as well. Along my journey I became a certified personal trainer, read countless books and journals, and watched tons of DVD’s.

And it should be no surprise that you absolutely MUST learn the correct exercises to actually allow your body to transform itself. After all, if you can transform your body every time you work out… it makes sense that you would get much faster results if you performed the proper exercises.

So what if I told you that there was ZERO risk to add yards to your game?

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to have ZERO reservations about the 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less workouts. So I’ve decided to take 100% of the risk and let you “test drive” it for the next 60 days.

Go through the “30 in 30” workout programs, and if at any time you feel that they’re either not what you were looking for or did not fully satisfy your expectations, simple let me or my customer service team know and we’ll promptly issue you a hassle-free refund for every penny you paid.

In fact, if you’re not completely happy for any reason at all, then I insist you ask for a refund. But after seeing so many men and women use these short workouts to gain yards and lose fat while gaining lean muscle at the same time, I’m confident you’re going to love these workouts too.

Bottom line, I’ve created a program that will yield incredible results for years, and the 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less system is by far my most cutting-edge, tediously designed program to date.

You see, I WANT you to truly experience just how fast you can add yards to your golf game, and I’m determined to equip you with everything you need to easily make it happen.

Let’s take a look at exactly what you get for $47.00…

The complete 30 Yards or More
in 30 Days or Less System

Component 1 – The Training Manual  ($197 Value)
Utilizing the most revolutionary Tranlastion Training™ workouts ever created, the 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less contains 30 days of brand new, TT workouts that have been shown to add distance and consistency to your golf game.Each workout was strategically designed to work hand in hand with every single aspect of the nutrition program, creating the most synergistic combination of diet and exercise techniques possible for the fastest gains possible to your driving distance.


Component 2 – Workout Log Sheets   ($47 Value)
Easily record your workouts and progress with our printable worksheets. In addition, you can take these with you to the gym and have your workout template right in front of you each session. Ultra easy, ultra beneficial.



Component 3 – The Exercise Database   ($47 Value)
In this manual each and every exercise contained in the 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less program is outlined, complete with detailed descriptions of each to ensure you ahieve the full distance gains you deserve.



Component 4 – Goal Planning Workbook   ($47 Value)
Empowering yourself with goals is a huge part of staying motivated and achieving success, and that’s why we have included this goal setting workbook for sharpening your mind and attitude for ultimate success. Believe us, you’ll want to go back to this resource on a regular basis to update your goals.


Component 5 – Diet Manual   ($47 Value)
This is the full-on “specs” manual that details everything you need to know about the diet including when to eat and what to eat. Detailed food lists, charts, tables, FAQ’s and more…


Component 6 – Pre-Round Golf Warm Up Routine   ($27 Value)
This warm-up routine will prime your body for ultimate driving distance during your round. Use the correct warm-ups that add distance and don’t detract distance. During slow play rounds you can even use the warm-up to reactivate your muscles for instant distance.


Component 7 – Home Gym Primer   ($27 Value )
A complete breakdown of all equipment you will need if you plan on doing 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less from the comfort of your own home or while traveling.


Component 8 – Strategic Recovery Manual   ($47 Value )
The holy grail for maximum distance gains. Perhaps the single most important aspect of our 30 Yards or More system teaches you how to speed muscle growth and flexibility on “off” days. Not to mention, you will feel incredible (almost like Gumby).

Think about it… you essentially get my PROVEN distance adding programs for up to 2 months of workouts (beginner to advanced phases) – and you pay 47 measly dollars for my invaluable years of experience.

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But let me warn you, if you are lazy and are simply looking for a “magic bullet” solution, this is not the program for you.

The simple fact of the matter is this: the 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less program is NOT a “quick fix”. It’s a SMART fix to a very complex problem that consequently yields incredibly fast results.

Oh, and did I mention that you’ll probably even burn loads of fat off while you add distance to ALL your clubs at the same time? That’s unheard of. But the reality is I’ve had clients do it over and over again, and you will too.

At the same time, I want to make sure I’m being very clear: make no mistake, this program takes work, and if you’re one of these people who can’t dedicate 30 days to radically changing your golf game and body – a change that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life – then please, do not invest in this system.

But for those of you who are serious, those who are ready to put forth the effort, the 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less system will absolutely give you every tool you need to immediately DOUBLE your rate of distance gains and experience the yardage gains you deserve – GUARANTEED.

Grip it and Rip it,

Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less

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PPS –  Your results are guaranteed by my 100% money back promise. If you aren’t satisfied with your results from the program, just let us know and you’ll be refunded your $47 before the end of the 60-day period.

Click here to get “30 Yards Or More In 30 Days Or Less” for only $47.00


NOTE:  30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less  is a downloadable exercise routine manual. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the exercise routine manual and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The exercise routine manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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Disclaimer:  Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a “typical” result is.  The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero.  The biggest factor is you.  If you apply all of the science and knowledge in the program you can expect great results. However, if you do not, you cannot expect to gain any additional yardage.