So what's included and what do I need to start?

Family, work, errands, kids and other things eat up your time…the good thing is that the workouts I crafted for you don’t require much time at all.

In fact, you don’t even need to be a member of a gym. You can workout right in your own home, saving even more time.

So how much time is required?

The workouts last around 30 to 40-minutes depending on the difficulty level you choose. Short on time, but very big on results.

While the name is 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less, the reality is I’ve carefully crafted 60 days of golf specific workouts for you… every single workout fine tunes your body in to a golf body.

You get 2 months of workouts designed to turn you in to a long driving machine. There are two separate 30-day phases you can choose from, Beginner and Advanced. Pick the phase you feel most comfortable with.

Generally, I tell everyone to start with the Beginner phase, no matter your current fitness level.

The reason?

Since the workouts are golf specific, you get the full benefit of power increasing movements for a full two months….something your current workouts are probably not giving you. No matter which phase you choose to start with, the program is easy to follow and builds a solid golf body.

Imagine having a golf body that would allow you to hit drives past your friends and impart more power than ever to that little white golf ball…how would that feel?

The great thing about systems is they are easy to apply… and 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less was designed to allow you to get started easily. There’s not much you need to do other than take the workouts to the gym… or to your home gym.

The program was designed to be easy to use with a bare minimum of equipment..

All you need to have are:
- Dumbbells or a Kettlebell
- Stability Ball - Yoga Mat (optional)
- YOU (your own bodyweight)

Pretty basic. The advanced workouts you can add in a medicine ball and a bench… of course, if you have a gym you won’t need anything but your membership. Most gyms are equipped with everything we need.

Even hotel gyms have what we need…

Just remember, golf will never lie to you.

Put in the work, get the reward. There is no other way.

“It is unreasonable to think we can earn rewards without being willing to pay their true price. It is always our choice whether or not we wish to pay the price for life’s rewards.” – Epictetus

Wise advice 2,000+ years ago, still applicable to today. Are you up to the challenge?


Component #1 - The Training Manual

Utilizing the most revolutionary Tranlastion Training™ workouts ever created, the program contains 60 days of brand new,distance workouts that have been shown to add torch fairways and provide golf stamina and improve range of motion.

Component #2 - The Diet Manual

This is a full-on “specs” manual that details everything you need to know about the diet including when to eat and what to eat. Detailed food lists, charts, tables, FAQ’s and more. The manual will help you get your nutrition in check.

Component #3 - The Home Gym Primer

A complete breakdown of all equipment you will need if you plan on doing 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less from the comfort of your own home, the gym, or while traveling.

Component #4 - The Recovery Day Guide

The holy grail for maximum game improvement. Perhaps the single most important aspect of our 30 in 30 system is the "off day" stretching and flexibility program to lengthen your swing arc.

Component #5 - The Pre-Round Warm Up

This warm-up routine will prime your body for ultimate driving distance during your round. Use the correct warm-ups that add distance and don’t detract distance. During slow play rounds you can even use the warm-up to reactivate your muscles for instant distance.

Component #6 - The Goal Planning Guide

Empowering yourself with goals is a huge part of staying motivated and achieving success, and that’s why we have included this goal setting workbook for sharpening your mind and attitude for ultimate success.

Component #7 - The Printable Workouts

Easily record your workouts and progress with our printable worksheets. In addition, you can take these with you to the gym and have your workout template right in front of you each session. Ultra easy, ultra beneficial.

Component #8 - The Exercise Database

In this manual each and every exercise contained in theShed Pounds to Shave Strokes program is outlined, complete with detailed descriptions of each to ensure you ahieve the full distance gains you deserve.

Extreme golf fitness results for just 1 payment of $47.00. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. You are satisfied or your money bacK.
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