Real Get Golf Fit Success Stories

The following is a sampling of testimonials submitted by actual Get Golf Fit customers that have shared their amazing results after completing our training programs.

"I lost 9 pounds of fat in just a few weeks while also gaining muscle.

I felt better late in the round after losing the weight and can play 36 holes without dragging around.

As a serious competitive golfer, this really helps me compete better in tournaments."
Rich, 35, Panama City, FL

"I tried your 30 yards in 30 days program back in May. It definitely works... when I swing in control.

Won three longest drives this year in tournaments!"
Dave, 34, Ontario, Canada

"Your workout is going well. I was in pretty good shape before starting the workout but I like that everything is tailored around golf motions. Another one of my weaknesses was getting myself to stretch. This workout requires you to stretch and I am a big fan of that as well. "

John W.

"I bought the 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less program already 2 months into my golf season. I was a little scared about working out and playing golf, not knowing if my body could hold up.

I saw results right away in my swing and health of my body. What Chris puts together with not only the lifting but also the joint mobility and flexibility training helped dramatically to my swing and joints.

This added health allowed me to work out harder and these workouts are right to the point, which helps because I am always on the move. Overall I was able to gain about 20 yards to my about 240-yard original full driver swing.

I can’t wait to continue this program and use this as a part of my life from now on."
Mitchell S., Norway

"So far so good, today was my first week thru the whole program, great workouts. I was born with dislocated hips (for which I needed and had surgery) so my hip strength has always been weak but on some of these workouts I can see how it is strengthening that, if you have additional hip exercises that would be great!"
Andrew C

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Reviews And Comments:

"I like the way the flexibility and strengthing exercises are blended."

"I like how extensive the program is and how in-depth you go with descriptions. I also like how you really emphasize the importance of a good warmup and dynamic exercises that improve mobility and flexability."

"30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less has a complete training set up, no guess at what to do."

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