Hi there.


Today, I hit the ball 40 yards further than when I was 21 years old.




What does your shadow have to do with hitting the ball farther…A lot! In a few minutes, I’ll reveal the answer…plus you’ll discover the 4 pillars of distance.


But it hasn’t always been this way…


Later in this video


You’ll discover exactly how I am able to hit the ball 15% further at 42 than when I was 21…


…and I’ll tell you how seeing the shadow of my practice swing led to my big breakthrough, which you will learn about in this short video.


But first, let me tell you about the situation I was in – perhaps it’s similar to where you are now or have been at some point in the past.


You might find yourself in a similar place now…


My name is Christian Henning and I am a professional trainer and golfer.


I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Trainer and as a Golf Fitness Specialist. Additionally, I am 1 of only 50 Certified Turbulence Trainers. The Turbulence Training Certification is only awarded to a select few trainers every year.


I also was an aspiring PGA professional at a prestigious country club.


Six years ago though… I was in bad shape. My golf game was in the John J. Crapper. Along with my golf score, my weight had ballooned by 40 pounds, too. [show a photo of you before and after]


I was watching golf on TV more than playing golf.


Eventually, my game deteriorated to the point where I didn’t enjoy playing.


Sound crazy? I think we have all been there…


Back then, I hadn’t put 2 and 2 together yet… the answer IS FOUR.. and I’ll reveal that to you in a moment.


My lack of activity and bad diet habits had robbed me from achieving my best golf game. It was like a worst-case scenario checklist…


Lost Strength AND shorter drives?  check.


Lost Endurance AND exhaustion on the 11th tee?  check.


Low back pain AND inability to practice putting? check.


Embarrassment AND dreading playing against my buddies? check.


More strokes… CHECK!

Losing hundreds of dollars in the weekly skins game…check


The higher my weight went and the more I neglected my flexibility, the higher my score went.


The shorter my drives went.


My distance suffered…my score suffered…I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.


I used the best excuse in the world, “I’m just getting older…”.


Hitting it 260 instead of 300… I’m just getting older.


It’s not that I wanted this to happen, because I didn’t. I love golf.


I felt out of control. I was desperate.


Buying a game… EPIC FAIL!


So I tried to buy a game…


Golf won’t lie to you.


You can try to fool golf with a fancy new driver or new ball… but golf knows you better than you know yourself.


A slice is a slice. A fat shot is a fat shot. A bogey is a bogey.


Golf knows you. Golf will NEVER lie to you.


Be honest with yourself, when has equipment made you dramatically better over an extended period of time?


That’s right… never.


I tried to fool golf with new clubs and balls, and I ended up being the fool.


So.. I had the best equipment money could buy… yet, my drives were short and my scores were high…


It was time to be honest with myself…


All of the following WERE true…


I was older….less active…practiced less…


Upon reflection, the club doesn’t slice the ball or place itself in a bunker…


I do those things.




The problem AND solution? ME.


Buying a game never works … but I discovered something that does work… let me explain.


My Sad State of Affairs…


The sad state of affairs for my game was…


** I was fat, inflexible, weak, and got tired easy. **


The good news? …I could do something about all four.


Do these 4 things and I guarantee you’ll hit the ball 30 yards farther!


I’ll tell you about my four pillars of distance in just a moment…


…but first I need to tell you what weren’t working for me…


New equipment and OLD SKOOL workouts.


By now, I was working out on a regular basis using the old bodybuilder principles I had grown up with.


Arnold was my boyhood idol, but his workouts weren’t useful to hitting the ball further. I did have some nice pythons though.. J


Although, I was getting stronger physically…


my distance wasn’t coming backmy scores weren’t dropping


My big breakthrough…


Playing one day, I caught a glimpse of my shadow during a practice swing… this led to development of my Four Pillars training system, but more about that in a second..


First though… my shadow revealed a backswing that was short… too short to deliver any type of power to the ball…


It all came together at that moment… I can be as strong as an ox, but if I am inflexible and not strengthening the proper muscle groups, the yards won’t come back.


At that moment, it all clicked.


Seems too simple now…


…common sense.


Seeing my shadow changed my golf game forever.


So what does your shadow have to do with hitting the ball farther?


A lot!


And even though I’m not a ground hog… seeing my shadow awakened me… (SAY JOKINGLY)


I dumped my ancient bodybuilding workouts immediately…


I went back to school and tested and refined.. and tested again until I designed the perfect workout system for golf.


The result?


30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less… based on…


My Four Pillars of Distance…


1. Range of Motion

2. Flexibility

3. Balance

4. Strength and Power


Tested… researched… refined… backed by scientific research and field tested by thousands of satisfied clients…


This system led to the best golf of my life at 42 years young…


1. I could hit the ball further… at least 15 to 20 yards further than my playing buddies.. every drive.


2. Low back-pain, once my putting nemesis, GONE. I could now putt for hours with no back trouble.


3. My endurance skyrocketed, and I could easily play 36 holes a day without being tired… slow play was no longer a problem as I was just as strong at the end of the round as when I started.


4. My fitness carried over to the mirror.. and I liked what I saw.


did I mention I could out-drive all my buddies too? J


And I won all the skins games and golf bets too…my buddies were all jealous of how good I had gotten…


I thought it wouldn’t last…


…but it has.. The results were anything but fading.


My new golf body is there day in and day out for me. [show your before and after photos – not necessarily right here but somewhere where you’re talking about your new golf body]


My long irons, short irons, and driver are all longer than before…


Going from a 260-yard drive to a 300 yard drive is HUGE.


How would that feel to you?


You can imagine the confidence I feel knowing it is ME with the power, not the club…


This quiet confidence goes a long way with scoring too…


I don’t have to HOPE that equipment can fix my game.


Others did it too…and so can you.


I’ve taught thousands of other golfers just like you how to transform their bodies and golf games.


Just about every day I get emails, Facebook posts, and tweets from people just like you…


Can place the following testimonials on screen and read at same time:


“Just wanted to thank you for creating and allowing me to try the 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less workout system. 2 weeks after starting we had a nice weekend and I hit the longest drive of my life so I can’t wait to see what happens now that it has been over 30 days.”

Chris S.


“After just two weeks of doing the workouts, twice each beginners workout. I can see a notable difference in my swing. I can’t tell distance yet, as I haven’t been out on the course. But I can tell the difference in my leg strength and flexibility already. It will be easily 30 yards!”

Thank you,

– Chris Connell


It’s your turn… let me teach you… [not sure about the word “teach” b/c people generally don’t to learn or be taught. It sounds like work. How about let me transform your golf fame like I’ve done for hundreds of others]


You might be asking yourself right now ”Can I really add 30 yards to my game?”


Yes… but let me warn you, if you are lazy and are simply looking for a “magic pill” solution, this is not the program for you.


This program is NOT a “quick fix”.


It’s a SMART fix to a very complex problem that consequently yields incredibly fast results.


The truth is you only need thirty to forty-five minutes, three times a week to hit the ball further.


Short on time, big on distance results.


In fact, you don’t even need to be a member of a gym. You can workout right in your own home, saving even more time.


I’ve crafted over 30 days of workouts that are…


Follow along workouts… golf specific… designed to lengthen your game.


Print out and take to the gym…


Component #1 – The Training Manual

Component #2 – The Printable Workouts

Component #3 – The Exercise Database

Component #4 – The Recovery Day Guide


And just to make sure you have everything that you need, I’m throwing in, free of charge, the following bonuses:


– Pre-Round Warm Up Guide

– Goal Setting Guide

– Home Gym Primer


You also get ME


That’s right… ME!


…email me, Facebook me, tweet me… ANYTIME you need help or have a question… I’ll be there for you.


I want nothing to stand in your way… in fact…



I want you to have ZERO reservations about the 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less system. So… I’ve decided to take 100% of the risk and let you “test drive” it for the next 60 days.


If at any time you feel that they’re not what you were looking for or did not fully satisfy your expectations, simply let know and I’ll promptly issue you a hassle-free refund for every penny you paid and YOU STILL GET TO KEEP THE ENTIRE PROGRAM.


Make the decision right now to CRUSH IT!


I’ll be waiting for you…